A bit about the Brindle

Brindle French Bulldog

To be classified as the brindle, a French Bulldog must possess a coat with some light-colored hairs spreading across the bodies. Brindle French Bulldogs have some patterns of stripes on their coat, especially on their chest, necks, and heads.


They may come in thick black bands, making them look like genuine black dogs. In some other cases, the stripes were too thin that they seem to be completely fawn. There is another sub-type called Strong Brindle French Bulldogs which have a combination of brown and tan colors.


Because of that, they look somewhat like a moving bunch of cloth. The acceptable patterns in Brindle Frenchie are:


Black Brindle: this is the most common color, not only for Brindle Frenchie but also for all Frenchie in general. They never have a purely black color without any brindle. This can be used to determine mixed breeds.

Brindle Pied Frenchie: Some of this type have a similar fur to cows with several separate dark and light-colored areas on their bodies. They are mostly white dogs with some black and dark patches. These patches distribute throughout their coat or on their faces. On their bodies, these patches appear on the feet and the back most often.

Seal Brindle Frenchie: Their brindles contain nearly invisible white hairs which usually make them mistaken for pure black dogs. When you meet a dog like this, try checking its coat more carefully.

Tiger Brindle Frenchie: Their bright hairs concentrate in large clusters. You can take the coat of a tiger as a reference to how they look like.