Grooming a French Bulldog


French Bulldogs do not require extensive grooming. In this aspect, they are pretty similar to the English Bulldogs. Both types do not have thick fur. Therefore, you will not get annoyed by the shed hairs everywhere in the house or on your body. Brushing the fur moderately can eliminate most shedding problems.


The smooth skins also allow you to reduce the frequency of their bath. You just need to shower them after a long day outside, they get into the muck, or they start smelling. The bath also requires little effort since they are obedient, and you do not have to wash them much.


Washing the Wrinkles

The distinct wrinkles on their faces should get the most of your attention. Dirty or unwashed wrinkles can cause skin diseases or infestations, which can obstruct their daily routines. You should wash them thoroughly after the bath. Then, you should dry them off to prevent bacteria from developing on their faces. One of the tricks that many owners use is to use baby wipes infused with lanolin to wash the wrinkles daily


Tending Their Teeth and Nails

To avoid tooth loss later in life, you should brush the Frenchie’s teeth regularly. Unless you have too little time, you should do it every day. But brushing four or five times a week is also adequate.  This is a critical part of the grooming process since they are prone to health issues.


The straight ears can also attract lots of dirt and even parasite. Therefore, you should clean the ears regularly with approved cleanser to avoid ear infections. You can trim their toenails if they grow too long. However, this will not be an issue in physically active French bulldogs. This practice should be commenced since your dogs is still a puppy so that they will get used to it when they grow up.