What temperament do Frenchies usually display?

Frenchies are often called a “clown in the cloak of a philosopher.” They can have a serious appearance one moment and then do something hilarious. They are fun, loving, sweet, affectionate little dogs. They tend to be quite active and alert but they are not boisterous dogs. They are quite intelligent and curious. Most of all, they love being with people. They are true companion dogs.


Frenchies are often called stubborn, but they do try to please their owners and they are very trainable, especially if they are motivated – and food usually makes a good motivation. Frenchies have successfully competed in obedience, agility, rally, and other events. They also make good therapy dogs. It is important to socialize your Frenchie and train him. He has a big personality and he needs to be clear that you are in charge. He will enjoy basic obedience classes with you, including meeting other people and dogs, and learning what you want him to do.


Frenchies usually get along well with other pets but it’s important to keep in mind that they are small dogs. Do not let them play with large dogs without supervision since they could be injured.


Frenchies love children. They will be best friends with older kids. They are also good with small children but make sure that you supervise so these little dogs don’t get hurt by accident.


Frenchies don’t require much daily exercise but they do need some. They enjoy walks and they will enjoy playing outside in a small enclosed yard. Be careful not to let your French Bulldog play outside when it is too hot or humid. Also, French Bulldogs are not built for swimming. Because of their large head and upper body, they make terrible swimmers and can easily drown if they are in a pool or lake.