What is the difference between French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs

English Bulldog vs. French Bulldog: Which One Is Your Choice?

English Bulldog and French Bulldog have many similarities due to the distant relatives. However, they still come with several difficulties. Whether their similarities or difficulties, you should learn in details before taking one of them to your home.

Grooming and shedding

Both English and French Bulldog owned a short coat but compared to French Bulldog, English Bulldog sheds more.



French Bulldog lives longer than English Bulldog. Specifically, the lifespan of the English Bulldog is 8-12 years while you can expect that a French Bulldog can live up to 10 or 12 years. However, these numbers can change due to the influence of many elements such as lifestyle, diet, care, and overall health.



Basically, a French bulldog is smaller than an English bulldog. Most English Bulldogs (55 pounds, 25 kg) are heavier than French Bulldogs (28 pounds, 12 kg). Below is a size comparison of these kinds of dogs in details:


l The weight of English Bulldog male: 23-25kg

l The weight of French Bulldog male: 7-12kg

l The height of English Bulldog male: 30-38cm

l The height of French Bulldog male: 30cm



The colors of these dog breeds are also similar. Specifically, French bulldog comes with brindle, fawn, and white especially that is a striped effect which is the combination of white and brindle. Meanwhile, English bulldog has red, solid fawn, pure white, and blond fallow even the mixture of red, black and brown.



The majority of English and French Bulldogs’ temperaments are similar. For example, laziness is their typical feature even English Bulldog is lazier than French Bulldog. In general, both of them have intelligence and loyalty to their owners even the same stubborn personality.


It’s easy for them to suffer from the separation anxiety, so you need to have more time to play with them. French bulldog needs more socialization than another.



It’s not easy to train English and French Bulldogs because of their stubborn feature. Thus, if you want the training process to happen conveniently, the proper motivation and a lot of patience are the indispensable “tools.”


In case you are looking for help or support, I highly recommend a short and positive training session or an obedience school. Generally, the English bulldog is more eager and easier to train.



Thanks to the calm feature, English and French Bulldogs don’t bark for no reasons. If you especially pay attention, you can find out underlying causes. Moreover, the low barking level contributes to many apartment dwellers love these breeds.


Exercise needs

As I mentioned, both of these Bulldogs don’t require a high level of exercise, and especially you shouldn’t let it do exercise in the hot season to prevent heat stroke.


That’s because their snout is short which leads to the difficulty in breathing, so they are bad at cooling themselves during hot weather. Obviously, I don’t mean you keep your Bulldogs away from exercise completely. You can spend a half walk every day with your dog that is enough to help it stay in good shape.